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Rockin' the Checkers: March 13

Guess where we had lunch today? Hope the photo isn't blurry - my eyes haven't fully recovered from the #*&(*A@@!! dilating eye drops from the exam at Walmart half an hour or so earlier.

For the record, the cataract in my left eye is at the point where removal is appropriate, but the doc said I can easily wait a year to do it. Since I'm legally blind in that eye anyway, I plan on waiting two - after I just paid a bundle for a new pair of glasses, I'm not happy about having to get another pair (although the doc assures me Medicare will pay for glasses after cataract surgery). In two years, the other cataract may be big enough to remove, so maybe they'll give me a two-for-one deal!
Canon PowerShot G10, f/4 @ 7.41 mm, 1/125, ISO 80, No Flash