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Happenings and wanderings through 2022 after the pandemic turmoil of 2021. Hoping for bigger and better this year!

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Cold One: Jan. 24Icy Bright: Jan. 22Heart Healthy: Jan. 20Ball Cap: Jan. 18Good Morning: Jan. 17Street Scene: Jan. 17Cabbage Patch: Jan. 16Mountain Dew Not: Jan. 13Filling In: Jan. 124-Her: Jan. 11Sparkling Balls: Jan. 10Vintage Avon: Jan. 9Carnival Collection: Jan. 8Battlefield Finds: Jan. 8Right to the Point: Jan. 7Mom's Vase: Jan. 6Going to the Dogs: Jan. 5Mail on Ice: Jan. 4Lemme Out: Jan. 3Woof: Jan. 3