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Created 1-Jan-19
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Again this year, it is my intent to post a photo a day - or as close as I can come to that without stressing out. Not only does it challenge my photography skills and imagination, but it's a great way to record what happened during what I hope will be a relatively uneventful year.

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Another Year Goes Down: Dec. 31Winter Turns Warm: Dec. 27Pea Soup: Dec. 24Nature's Beauty: Dec. 23Bubbly: Dec. 20Asked and Answered: Dec. 18Dusting: Dec. 17Pasta Treat: Dec. 16We 3 Teachers: Dec. 15Merry Merry: Dec. 14And Heeere It Comes Again: Dec. 11Deck Dusting: Dec. 11Lunch Time: Dec. 10Heart of the Matter: Dec. 9Ourwreatha: Dec. 6'Tis the Season: Dec. 5Light Therapy: Dec. 4Whether the Weather: Dec. 1Sign of Good Food: Nov. 27At It Again: Nov. 25