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Created 1-Jan-11
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Last year, I signed up with a group of photographers who pledged to take a photo each and every day of the year. Now, 365 days later, I'm going to start again -- only this time, I'm doing it all on my own. Not only was 2010 a learning experience and great fun, it made a terrific record of what I was doing and when. In addition to not joining a formal group, this year I'll post more than one photo each day when it's warranted -- an even more expansive look at the happenings.

Please stop in often, and comments are welcome!

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Farewell 2011: Dec. 31Purple Orchid: Dec. 30Purrsephone: Dec. 29Holiday Visitors: Dec. 28Alstroemeria: Dec. 28The Tryout: Dec. 27Christmas Surprise: Dec. 26Rocker Chick: Dec. 25Endless and Evergreen: Dec. 23Home for the Holidays: Dec. 22We Have a Winner: Dec. 21Layover: Dec. 20These Boots: Dec. 19First Dusting: Dec. 18Jackie: Dec. 17Jack: Dec. 17Mirror Image: Dec. 16R-Rated: Dec. 15Homing In: Dec. 14Grin and Bear It: Dec. 13

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Great start to the new year Monnie ~ I'm doing similar to you this year and posting more than one image when I make an entry ... should still be fun and I shan't feel as though I need to take a last-minute close-up of some object to meet the project ha ha ~ Happy New Year to you and Jack :)
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