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We were scheduled to leave for our first pit stop, in Vernon, Connecticut, on Wednesday, Sept. 8. But Friday before Labor Day, all heck broke loose, not the least of the problem being that our furnace suddenly decided not to work. Then, we learned what it would cost to fix -- no small amount -- and arranged for the work to be done while we were gone thinking (hoping) that we'd be returning home to cool temperatures.

By noon on the day before we were supposed to leave, we were all packed and had several bags in the car. We looked at each other and joked, "Back in our younger days getting ready to head for the Outer Banks, right about now we'd be thinking about taking the plunge and heading out a day early." It took about 30 seconds for us to look at each other again and say, "Well, why don't we do it again?" And so it was that Jack got us a reservation in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, for the night. And off we went!

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