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Created 1-Jan-14
Modified 2-Jan-21
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Again this year, I decided to continue what's fast becoming a tradition of making myself take at least one photo every day of the year. Besides being fun, it forces me to see things I might not otherwise notice; better yet, it creates a year of wonderful memories of what we've done and where we've been.

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Train A-Comin': Dec. 31Sun, Finally: Dec. 30Treed: Dec. 29Centerpiece: Dec. 28Centerpiece 2: Dec. 28Starting Gait: Dec. 27Merry Scarf: Dec. 26Sunshine: Dec. 26Christmas Rays: Dec. 25Silly Selfie: Dec. 24Red Shed: Dec. 23Model of Excellence: Dec. 22My Guy: Dec. 21Raggedies: Dec. 20Fence Painting: Dec. 19Touches of Green: Dec. 19Something's Fishy: Dec. 18Doornament: Dec. 17Seeing Stars: Dec. 16Window on the Past: Dec. 15