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Concert venue Lock 3 opened in 2003 in downtown Akron, Ohio, next to the Akron Civic Theatre on Main Street. Concerts and other events are held year-round. On Sept. 2, local band G-Force opened for a Pink Floyd tribute band. G-Force includes our son-in-law, Jerry Walters, and now, his son (our grandson), Jarrett, who recently joined the band as the drummer. This concert marked his public debut. It was a family affair; daughter Chris (Jerry's wife and Jarrett's mom), daughter-in-law Lilla, her brother Iain and friend and almost family Rob showed up too.

It also marked our first time at Lock 3, and it's quite an impressive place. The surrounding buildings reflect old and new, and the old canal makes its scenic way along one side of the property. Free parking is available in several decks within easy walking distance as well. It didn't hurt that the weather was perfect - blue skies, temps starting in the mid-70s and ending in about a 10-degree drop and cool breezes throughout the show.

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