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Created 2-Jan-12
Modified 2-Jan-21
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For the past two years, I undertook the task of taking one photo every single day (at least) - not only for the fun of it, but to get practice with all kinds of photos and creating a wonderful record of what I did and where. It was quite enjoyable, even if a bit of a nuisance on occasion, but I decided two years is enough. That said, I didn't want to give up the concept totally. So, this year I've created a new gallery into which I'll put photos when and if I want; it will continue to serve as a record of what's happening around me, but I won't be forced to add something seven days a week. Enjoy - and please come back often!

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Log Cabin: Dec. 30Park Icicles: Dec. 30Lily Pond: Dec. 30More Snow: Dec. 29Have a Seat: Dec. 29Lily Pond: Dec. 28Bye Bye Birdies: Dec. 27Snow on the Tree: Dec. 27Getting the Boot: Dec. 27Cleanup Begins: Dec. 26Snow Deluge: Dec. 26Snow Deluge: Dec. 26First Snow: Dec. 21The Birds: Dec. 19Davd Grohl Alley 12-4Davd Grohl Alley 12-4Davd Grohl Alley 12-4Davd Grohl Alley 12-4Davd Grohl Alley 12-4Davd Grohl Alley 12-4

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Ben Prepelka(non-registered)
What a nice medley of photos Monnie. Lots of patterns, color, shapes and willing subjects. You manged to find plenty of different scenes just about everywhere. I can sympathize with the one a day routine. - Ben
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