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Created 2-Jan-21
Modified 31-Dec-21
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As we enter a new decade, I plan to continue taking a photo a day (or as close as possible) during the year. The COVID-19 pandemic will make it far more difficult - we've been almost totally isolated since mid-March of last year, and warnings are still in effect for wearing masks and social distancing. Since both of us are in the high-risk category because of age and underlying conditions, we go almost nowhere inside buildings or where people are gathered. But our spirits are high, and we look forward to an end to our self-quarantine soon.

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Another One Down: Dec. 31Cancelation Joy: Dec. 29Dicey Icy: Dec. 27Welcome Warmth: Dec. 24Getting Close: Dec. 23All Reddy: Dec. 23Flurries: Dec. 22Merry Christmas Feet: Dec. 21Smokin' Hot Tree: Dec. 17Oops: Dec. 16Have a Treat: Dec. 14Chowing Down: Dec. 13Laying in Wait: Dec. 11Pawprints: Dec. 10Smoke Gets in Our Eyes: Dec. 9Growing Strong: Dec. 8Sky's the Limit: Dec. 4Colorful Choo-Choo: Dec. 3Fuzzy Wuzzy Was a ??: Dec. 2