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In January 2009, my husband Jack and I signed up at In addition to "meeting" other photographers and getting ideas and inspiration from their wonderful photos, we hoped that at least some of our entries would be good enough to earn recognition here.

I'm happy to say that even though I'm still working at getting all of them moved to this new gallery, we've done well at BP so far. In fact, one month one of my macro flower photos even made it to the next level, a Finalist! So here's a great big thank you to the BetterPhoto judges!

The photos in this gallery are from only; other awards and honors are in a separate gallery here which you're welcome to visit as well!

Update: As of Jan. 1, 2015, I ended my paid membership at this site as a result of substantive changes - no doubt cost-cutting measures in large part - that were made to the site over the past year. Jack gave up quite some time ago, but I tend to be a hanger-in-er till I'm certain nothing will change for the betterphoto (pun intended). We wish the site well, and we're happy to see many of the friends we made here on other photography sites.

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