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Taking (or trying to take) a photo each and every day of the year no matter what is a challenge, but it sure is rewarding at the end of the year when I can see where we were and what we did. So off we go again!

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Topping It Off: Sept. 23Smoothing It Out: Sept. 23Keeping 'em Handy: Sept. 23Mum's the Word: Sept. 21Funky Punpkys: Sept. 20Moving: Sept. 19Smoothing: Sept. 19Fall Forecast: Sept. 18Fall Grass: Sept. 17Times are Changin': Sept. 16Another Sunny Day: Sept. 15Ripples of Glass: Sept. 14Glorious: Sept. 13The Champion: Sept., 12The Contender: Sept. 12Dumping: Sept. 11