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Created 3-Sep-09
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We love county fairs -- I grew up with one of Ohio's best, the Great Darke County Fair -- but it's not often that we attend simply because the crowds and traffic just aren't worth the hassle. This year, though, the Canfield Fair (Mahoning County, Ohio) opened on a Wednesday, and the kiddies were in school. So, we asked a couple of friends if they wanted to venture out, and they agreed.

Not long before we left, we got an unexpected treat. One of the local newspapers, The Vindicator, apparently had published erroneously that opening day was free for senior citizens. Since the word was out, the powers that be at the Fair agreed to honor it. Aha, we all said, this makes it even better! With free admission, we'd not only save, but if we got tired or wanted to leave after a couple of hours, we wouldn't feel we'd wasted money.

In the end, we hung around close to four hours. I'm the only one willing to go on the rides, so going by myself wasn't an option. Instead, we contented ourselves by having a tasty lunch and wandering around the animal barns and show buildings. Needless to say, I spent some quality time where the flowers are, getting some great photos of my beloved dahlias (a few of which are in this gallery; the rest I'll add to my gallery here that's dedicated to dahlias).

On the way home, we stopped at a local pub to chow down on wings and beer. A fun time for all of us!

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