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One of the groups I belong to at, PG101, formed a new sub-group in which photographers are challenged to take one new photo each day for all of 2010. It sounded like fun, so I signed on. In addition to posting the photos there, I'll add them to the gallery here for others to see.

So cheers -- and be sure to stop back every day or so to see what's new!

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Footnote to 2010: Dec. 31Hark, What Light? Dec. 30The Wall: Dec. 29Christmas at the Library: Dec. 28Almost Perfect Pasta: Dec. 27Brunhilda and Friend: Dec. 26These Boots: Dec. 25Merry Christmas My Way: Dec. 24O' Christmas Tree: Dec. 23Ho, Ho, Ho: Dec. 22Christmas Angel: Dec. 21Let There Be Lights: Dec. 20Holiday Temptations: Dec. 19Jammin': Dec. 18RIP: Dec. 17Package Deal: Dec. 16Merry Christmas to Me: Dec. 15Snow Day: Dec. 14Designs on Glass: Dec. 13Let's Hear it for Teachers: Dec. 12

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