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Asked and Answered: Dec. 18

Ironically, yesterday afternoon Jack and I had been wondering, yet again, what we'd get each other for Christmas. A couple of hours later, we got an answer: Our living room TV - the one that's turned on every waking minute we're here - decided to give it up. Grandson Jarrett tried to get it going, with help from cable provider Armstrong, but no deal. So off to BestBuy we headed today (Jarrett and I) in hopes of finding one like we'd seen online. Yep, they had one as advertised, and the price was right. In short order, Jarrett got it installed and working (it's a 55-inch model, 5 inches more than the one we had), and now we're good to go again. Love it!
motorola moto g(6), f/1.8 @ 3.95 mm, 1/30, ISO 340, No Flash